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Food Service Sanitation Program

The purpose of the Food Service Sanitation program is to protect the public from food-borne illnesses. This department provides inspections of restaurants, bars, mobile food vendors and temporary food events. Inspections are conducted to ensure that food served to the public comes from an approved source and is prepared following the food safety regulations in the FDA Food Code.

Information for Food Establishments

The following information will assist current food establishments.

Information for New Food Establishments

The following information assists anyone wanting to open a new food establishment.

Temporary Food Events

Anyone organizing a food event at a festival, community fundraiser, or other special event is required to contact the Health Department to see if a Temporary Food License is required. Event organizers will be advised to keep the menu simple and use safe food handling practices to reduce the potential for a food borne illness. The attached temporary food guidelines describe how to serve food safely at a temporary food event. The attached application must be completed and sent to the health department one month before the food event.

Food Safety Education

Questions regarding food safety can be answered by Environmental Health Staff. Also, food safety information can be obtained at Food Safety. Food safety classes are offered annually. For additional information, call 906-779-7239 or 906-265-4172.

Foodborne Illness Fact Sheets

Foodborne illness fact sheets are provided as a reference for the general public and food establishments.

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